LOL is real and I am going to try it IRL

I have not done this in 2 years — starting today I am going offline for 10 days, I will be in Costa Rica on vacation and will be totally off the grid.

Here are a few things I plan on reviving:

  • LOL it is an actual thing and not just letters that we put in chat, I plan to do a lot of Laughing Out Loud.
  • Sharing — I am going to share a lot: moments, thoughts, experiences. The distribution might be limited, but I am ok with it.
  • 😍😘😻 — All of these have a meaningful manifestation in life, I will definitely explore these.
  • 🏄‍ — yes planning to do that, only in real life, rather than on the web.
  • 💃 — will try, never been good at that.
  • 🍜— enjoy food without the Instagram sauce.
  • 🎹🎼 — I am going to listen to music coming out of music instruments.
  • Tagging — Yes, going to play tag with my kids.
  • I will be watching birds Tweet and get worried if I have followers.

We owe it to ourselves as humans to experience life in it’s full non-digital glory.

Starting today I will be Net-fasting for 10 days, and then moving to Net-paleo diet (Notifications = carbs) for another 10 days.

So long, thanks for all the fish!

CPO and co-founder of

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