Amir 4.6 Release Notes — the Lone Star Edition

  • Amir 4.6 (as well as Deby 4.5, Daniel 1.7 and Jonny 1.4) are now being developed out of Austin Texas! Here we develop the Shevat product line:
Here we develop the Shevat product line


  • This version is calmer, happier, with better work-life balance.
  • Our new product line update: Daniel 1.7 will upgrade to University this year. Jonny 1.4 is growing and has passed Deby 4.5 that started working as an occupational therapist!

Known Issues

  • Our pet versions Mocha Dog 4.0 and Shoko Cat 11.0 are still clashing, but we are seeing less crashes.
  • We heard you that 4.5 is not responsive in emails or text. We have classified this as “will not fix”.
  • Our roadmap is still TBD, we still do not have a clear plan for a mature product.
  • This version still has a lot of typos — basically it is still broken.



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Amir Shevat

Amir Shevat

Head of Product, Twitter Developer Platform