Following the popular release of Amir 4.0, we are coming up with this minor upgrade of Amir 4.1. We hope you enjoy this new version, here are our release notes:

What’s new?

  • We upgraded this version’s authoring capabilities — it now supports both articles and books.
  • We kept this version lean — still 25 K/50 pound under the heaviest version of 3.8
  • We know we promised running in this version, but have not implemented it yet — there is a place holder in a form of a gym subscription, so we are hopeful for the next version.


  • Celebrating 20 years of successful integration with it’s counterpart Deby 4.0
  • We are seeing growth with our new line of products — Daniel 1.2 and Jonny 0.9. While these are still in experimentation stage, we think these offering will soon outgrow the Amir product line.

Known Issues

  • We heard your feedback that 4.0 is sometimes non responsive over email — We are still working on that issue.

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