We are excited to launch Amir 4.0 on April 4th. We hope you enjoy this new version, here are our release notes:

What’s new?

  • We’ve made this version a lot slimmer - You will notice a faster, more agile performance, better endurance and better battery life as a result.
  • We’ve made slight improvements in introspection - this version is more inclined to accept failure and learn from it.
  • Improved English support - this version has better support for English in the work environment and presentation skills in English. We are still working on the accent.

Known Issues

  • Bald - Yes, still a problem, probably not going to be fixed in the next version.
  • Limited name and facial recognition - we are well aware of the complaints, we hear you but struggling to solve this.
  • Crashes under boring conditions- we are filing this under “will not fix”.


  • We have deprecated the ability to consume wheat, rice,sugar and potatoes.
  • Due to this slimmer version, this release can not handle large amount of alcohol.

Coming up in future versions

  • Glasses!
  • A year around the world!
  • Running (Beta)

CPO and co-founder of Reshuffle.com

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