Following the popular release of Amir 4.0, 4.1 , 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 we are coming up with this semi-mejor upgrade of Amir 4.5. As you will see, we have added major features and made this version particularly lightweight.

We hope you enjoy this new version, here are our release notes:

What’s new?

  • After years of being the most common request, we finally added the athletic module. We have radically improved the cycling capabilities both for internal and external use (admittedly, we had crashes a few times in the initial external runs)

Reshuffle will continue building a great developer experience at Twitter

TL;DR: We are joining Twitter! I joined Reshuffle (Binaris Inc at that time) 18 months ago as a co-founder. It has been an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to see what we do next as part of Twitter!

About two years ago, Avner and I sat at Bill’s cafe in Palo Alto CA, two minutes from my house, and I was creating a mock design on a piece of napkin. It was for an interface that will radically simplify developer experience for enterprise integrations:

Observations collected over 20 years in the tech industry.

These are my personal observations working in tech for more than 20 years — if someone noticed any of these laws of nature before me, I automatically give them full credit.

A technology that was built for good will eventually be also used for bad.

In tech we have this notion of “Happy path” — the expected behavior our good users will take, and we tend to focus on the beneficial use cases our customers will do with our product. This creates a blind spot for the exploits and bad implications our technologies can have. …

Applying good product principles to being a parent.

A while back I wrote the “Programmers guide to weight loss” where I described how to apply programmer’s common sense to losing weight. In this post, I will try to take best practices of building great products and applying them to parenthood.

Disclaimer: While I have two happy, well behaved, and loving kids, I do not claim to know everything about parenthood. Whoever tells you they got it all figured out is lying.

The core of product management, is applying good principals while dealing with unknown. That has been my experience with…

Following the popular release of Amir 4.0, 4.1 , 4.2, and 4.3 we are coming up with this 2nd minor upgrade of Amir 4.4 (AKA 44.0404.2020). We hope you enjoy this new version, here are our release notes:

What’s new?

  • We have retired the “Corporate Exec version” — after so many years, it was time.

Will you be able to finish this article? Do you have the attention to read (versus, let’s say, watch a 30 seconds clip)? Do you have the grit to power through a hard topic and think about it thoroughly? We all doubt ourselves sometimes, in small things like this, all the way to life decisions like marriage, parenthood, and direction in life.

Indeed we all feel doubt in various times in our lives, but it really hits you hard as a startup founder.

Doubt is by far one of the strongest emotions you feel as an entrepreneur — every freaking…

APIs are the cornerstone of modern software development. Frontend components in frameworks like React and Vue rely on backend APIs to display and execute logic and interact with data. APIs are the way developers compose applications — whether it’s calling Twilio to send messages, Stripe to charge users, or any of the many other services like these to facilitate rapid application development.

Yet, building a simple API is still a cumbersome task. You still need to set up a server, rollout your code, connect it to the database, and so on and so forth. It does not have to be…

3 months back, I shared that I am leaving the corporate world to join a startup as a cofounder. I shared the challenge we want to solve — making it easy to build, run, and share code.

Today we are launching Reshuffle , the place to share and find live open source code. We’re starting by tackling the pain of building and sharing fullstack apps. Building fullstack apps takes countless hours or even days of non-creative work, such as configuring servers and databases, dealing with security, and writing boilerplate code. It doesn’t have to be so hard. …

You have a brilliant idea for a startup. You meet with an awesome person you know from college, who gets so excited that she asks to join you as a co-founder. You are about to change the world!

You get an amazing initial spec that your partner has written, mocks and all. She hands you the doc and asks “How long will it take you to build this?”. The pressure is now on you, considering it took her only 2 days to write this spec. …

Amir Shevat

CPO and co-founder of

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